Michael Schwerin

Michael Schwerin, Place 6

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Michael’s Campaign Announcement

I have been asked by many friends and family members why I have chosen to run for School Board. I feel I was called to run after an enormous amount of prayer and conversations with my wife, Brittany, and my daughter Rosie.

With 16 years of nonprofit leadership experience, I bring a unique skill set to the Wylie ISD School Board. As someone who has worked for several nonprofits – large and small – I have spent years creating and implementing budgets. As a fundraiser, this also meant creating budgets that would meet the needs of the organization, but at the same time were fiscally responsible. I spent years knowing how to create budgets that were efficient but yet helped the organization grow and succeed.

Unfortunately, that is not what I am seeing within Wylie ISD. After sitting through every board meeting during the current budget cycle, I noticed that there was not a single thought to ensuring costs were appropriate or that new spending was justified.

As your next Trustee for Place 6, you can be assured that I will ask the administration to look for redundancies and savings within the budget. As a Trustee, it is not my job to manage the organization, but as the steward of taxpayer dollars it is important that I ensure that money is being spent wisely.

And, I promise to you that I do not, and will not, advocate for cuts to the number or pay of teachers. There are always ways to trim a $180 million budget without touching teacher pay.