Jill Palmer, Place 1

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I am a first-generation American – New York-born, Plano-raised and proud to be a Texan and the daughter of Immigrants. My parents came to America for a better life and succeeded in finding it. I went from
Synchronized Swimmer as a child to Cheerleader at Plano East to Fashion Design major at UNT to Senior Designer at JCPenney, to wife and concerned mom of two boys.

I have a BFA from UNT in Fashion Design which propelled me into a 15 year career rising through the ranks exiting as a Senior Designer for Jcpenney.

In 2020 I pivoted into being a boutique travel advisor and currently an account manager for TEKsystems selling IT professional services.

2. What motivates you to want to become a board member?

Because all politics is local, all politics is downstream from culture, and culture starts in our homes and in our schools. It belongs to us, to impart to our children. When it comes to preparing our kids for the future, we ALL deserve a seat at the table, and we ALL deserve to have our voices heard.

3. What particular skills or experiences qualify you to serve as a school board member?

I was the head coach of a synchronized swimming team for 3 years and assistant coach for 7– coaching, mentoring and upskilling girls ages 8 to 18. I chaired the largest diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) business resource group at JCPenney, growing membership by 38% in 2 years. So I have a clear understanding on how D&I should be done correctly before it became politicized against our children.

In addition, networked throughout DFW during my time as the chair of WINGS participating with non-profit organizations who worked in closing the gap in the community. My key strengths I bring to the table are being able to build relationships and lead the bridge of conversations to understanding.
Something that is lacking from society presently.

4. If elected, what would you hope would be key accomplishments of the board during your years of service?

To bring some sense of transparency and stability to the district. To bring empowerment and true support and recognition to the good teachers in our district. To end the leadership of FEAR and replace it with SERVANTHOOD. Our children deserve better, our teachers and staff deserve better, our taxpayers deserve better.

5. What do you believe are the most important characteristics of an effective school board? Of an effective school board member?

If I do nothing else right, I can serve in this role without shying from controversy. I will have the courage to ask the correct questions and speak truth to power, all with a view toward what I believe the people want and deserve, at the end of the day: Accountability from their elected officials. To have the courage to not be indoctrinated by the broken administrative system to follow the vison of ONE person but of the community as a whole.

Jill’s Campaign Announcement


Back to basics

Now more than ever, we as parents need to be involved as much as possible in the education process. Whether it’s joining the PTA, planning or chaperoning school functions, etc.

We need to be involved. We need to build relationships with teachers and staff. We need to know that our children are safe.

Never could I have imagined taking the monumental leap I just took, and of course – true to form – I upped the ante.

Today along with these fellow courageous patriots, I officially turned in the paperwork to run for a seat on the Wylie ISD school board.

More officially – Trustee, Place 1


Because this job is too important and the stakes are too high to entrust it to the vision of ONE person.

This job should be a collaborative effort among parents, teachers, administrators and taxpayers.

Aside from parenthood, this is going to be the biggest job I have ever taken on, and I hope and pray that given the opportunity, I can make a positive impact on our community’s schools.

What does that look like? Well… follow me and you’ll see.

Website and FB page coming in HOT this week. Keep an eye out, and THANK YOU to my family, friends, neighbors and this beautiful community I proudly call home, for all the love and support you’ve shown me.

I am ready. We are ready.